NGN-PET Close-out meeting, November, 12th

This Tuesday, November 12th, we had the last meeting of the NGN-PET project. The meeting was hosted by IMI, and due to the COVID-19 pandemia it was done virtually. The coordinator of the project, Paola Tarroni, and the project leader, Xavier Codony, presented the key achievements of the project, the exploitation and sustainability plans and the impact NGN-PET has already…

Manuscript: “A transcriptional toolbox for exploring peripheral neuro-immune interactions”

Manuscript: “A transcriptional toolbox for exploring peripheral neuro-immune interactions”

Pain journal has recently published a manuscript from King’s College London on the transcriptomic analysis on purified sensory neurons performed in WP2.

The results are published in PAIN:

A public database has been created to allow other biologists easy access:

IMI Stakeholder Forum 2019, Brussels, June 12th, 2019

POSTER link: IMI Stakeholder Forum 2019 It has been demonstrated that sensory neurons possess electrical activity in response to capsaicin already after few hours in vitro; however, in the case of purified neurons, this activity is largely reduced after 1 day in vitro. This cannot be explained by a lack in the capsaicin receptor TRPV1, whose presence has been proved…

BonnBrain3 Meeting, March 25th-27th, 2019

POSTER link: BonnBrain 2019_Final_PR Abstract: HUMAN IPSC-DERIVED PNS MONO- & CO-CULTURE SYSTEMS FOR PAIN AND SENSORY NEURON RESEARCH AND DRUG DISCOVERY In a physiological state pain is one of the most important senses in terms of survival and well being, but is very problematic when it develops under disease conditions into a chronic state. Sensation of pain is initiated by…