This Tuesday, November 12th, we had the last meeting of the NGN-PET project. The meeting was hosted by IMI, and due to the COVID-19 pandemia it was done virtually.

The coordinator of the project, Paola Tarroni, and the project leader, Xavier Codony, presented the key achievements of the project, the exploitation and sustainability plans and the impact NGN-PET has already done on the business of the SMEs and the industrial partners. A last part on lessons learned led to the conclusions outlined here:

  • We have gained knowledge in the different fields of research involved in the project.
  • Several targets identified with a potential role in the development and maintenance of neuropathic pain.
  • Several technologies setup and developed, ready to be exploited by the partners and/or the scientific community.
  • The results obtained in NGN-PET fully support the investment on the neuron-glia research, as a great avenue for the discovery of new treatments for neuropathic pain.
  • IMI support was critical for engaging partners from different fields of knowledge which was critical for the project to succeed.

Link to the presentation: IMI2_Online-Close-Out-Meetings_NGN-PET_Nov12th

NGN-PET Close-out meeting, November, 12th

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