NGN-PET is a project launched in the framework of the Innovative Medicine Initiative (IMI), the largest public-private partnership (PPP) for health research worldwide co-funded by the EU and the European pharmaceutical industry. ESTEVE, along with five other partners, is part of this project for the development of novel, more efficacious treatments for chronic pain of neuropathic origin

Neuropathic pain affects 8.2% of the population and the efficacy of current treatments is limited, which results in 60% of patients being improperly treated. NGN-PET is a 6-partner consortium led by ESTEVE, supported by Grünenthal and coordinated by Axxam, that brings together experts from industry, SMEs and academia and that will focus on the study of neuronal and glial cells to discover novel, more efficacious treatments for neuropathic pain.

Specifically, the new approach of NGN-PET will investigate neuron-glial interactions in two models of neuropathic pain —induced by chemotherapy or trauma— to develop cellular systems that provide a translational platform and create human-predictive test systems that can be implemented in the drug discovery process.

With a duration of 3 years, the NGN-PET project is supported by over 3 million euros from IMI2 and industry partners in direct and in-kind contributions

Esteve co-leads international consortium for the development of more efficacious therapies for neuropathic pain

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